Voice Overs For Marketing and Branding

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Looking for just the right voice over for branding or marketing?

A recording that stands out from the crowd yet still fits the core descriptors of your brand?

Kerry McCall provides voice overs and creative sound signatures ...that are bit different. Everything from commercials to web content, presentations to digital media to phone greetings and messages. Recordings done in styles that are a bit edgier, non-traditional, (she likes to think they're more fun...), with music that's interestng and cooler (she likes to think the music is more fun too...).

It's not all fun and games in the production studio. There are plenty of the traditional read styles for tutorials, educational materials and e-Learning and other narration for business. Kerry's phone voice overs have been the go-to for buinesses who have needed traditional or the not your everyday garden variety phone recordings, greetings and on-hold messages.

When it comes to marketing messages, Kerry is a master at techniques and styles that lend themselves seamlessly to nearly any concept.

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Voice overs for business, voice overs for marketing and branding, enthusiastic voice overs...Whatever!

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